February 23, 2023


Unit Owners: 

Below is a summary of our recent Board of Directors meeting and preliminary information about the upcoming termite tenting project:

1.  Sunwood has a termite and beetle infestation which can ONLY be treated by tenting all 7 buildings.

2.  The total cost of the project including the extra costs of hiring off duty police, removing portions of fencing and trimming of foliage close to buildings will be approximately $175,000.

3.  The Association can apply $40,000 toward the total leaving a balance of $135,000.

4.  There is no money reserved for the remaining $135,000 balance and, therefore, a special assessment will have be made.  The total amount ($135,000) divided equally among the 105 unit owners leaves an amount of $1,285.71 which can be paid in a lump sum by owners or over a period of four months.

5.  Owners will receive a special assessment meeting notice soon for a March meeting.  The special assessment can either be paid in full or over 4 monthly payments (March - June).  The first payment will not begin until after the March meeting.  Specific payment instructions & details will be included in the upcoming notice you receive. 

6.  The tenting will require vacating all units for approximately three days. Residents will be required to vacate units on the scheduled starting date which will be a Monday and able to return on that same Thursday.  Due to the size of the project a weekend schedule cannot be possible. 

The goal is for the tenting to be in June or July.  We will keep you informed of project details, and instructions as they become available.  Be on alert for emails and notices about scheduled meetings over next few months. 

Those of you who are renting your units, please keep your tenants informed and updated.

Thank you,

Your Board of Directors & Management 

Sunwood Condominium

This blog serves the residents of Sunwood Condominium Association of Miami, located on 4600 SW 67th Ave in Miami, Florida.

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This association is managed by Brickell Property Management. You can contact Scott Galya by Phone @ (305) 251-0777 or in writing @ 14373 SW 142nd Street, Miami, Florida 33186-6727. Click Here to visit their web page.

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