May 18, 2021

Pool Rules & Etiquette


With many residents using Sunwood's pool during the summer months, it’s important for some of our residents to brush up on pool rules and etiquette. 

Be Courteous of Others 

Kindly remember that the pool is a community pool, not your private pool. Be respectful of all residents who are in the pool area or those inside their apartment trying to enjoy some piece and quiet, so always keep noise to a minimum. Return chairs and lounges to their proper placement location, and check your area before leaving to make sure it is left as clean as you found it.    

Tidy the Space around You

While spending an afternoon at the pool, more than likely you’re going to need snacks and drinks. Sunwood has no issues with eating or drinking at the pool, but what’s not fine is leaving the wrappers, cans, boxes, and other trash on pool tables and chairs. Pack a garbage bag in your cooler for trash, and then place it in the on-site dumpster or the designated trash bin. Pack up all of your pool essentials before you leave, because they may be tossed out during pool cleaning if not collected.

Guests Must Always be Accompanied by a Resident

Your friends and family mean the world to you, we get that. And you may think it’s no big deal to give them access to the pool while you’re away or busy. It may seem like a nice gesture, but owners are responsible for their guests and their tenants guests actions at all times. Guests are more than welcome to use the pool ONLY when accompanied by a resident.

Hygiene Care and Appropriate Apparel is a Must

It’s common courtesy to rinse off before going into the pool. If you just applied sunblock or tanning oil, wait for it to absorb into your skin and completely dry before hopping in the water, you don’t want the lotion to wash off in the pool.

Watch Over Children

Kids love the pool; it allows them to have fun with friends while burning off tons of energy! With that being said, children get excited about the pool and tend to forget rules and pool etiquette. Remind kids to play nice with others, be mindful of other swimmers, and to not run on the deck.  Also, when at the pool, keep a watchful eye on kids as they play in or out of the water.

Lower Music

While listening to your favorite pool playlist, keep the music down to a reasonable level out of respect for others. If you have songs on your iPod or phone that may make others feel uncomfortable, or are inappropriate to play around kids, bring headphones.  

Utilize Apartment Pool Restrooms

When nature calls, you have to go – just NOT in the pool!  Sunwood has bathrooms located near the pool for convenience. Children who are potty-training should be in swim diapers when at the pool. 

These are just a few swimming pool rules for residents to adhere to when having some summertime fun! If you’re at the pool and see a resident not following the rules, please alert Association management. 

May 7, 2021

HELP Keep Your Pet's Fleas Out Of Others Laundry


Dear Residents,

Please do your part to help keep your pet's fleas out of other resident's laundry. Washing your clothes at a high temperature while adding a good amount of laundry detergent to your load will make washing your clothes more effective at getting rid of them.  Unfortunately, this is of little use if you don’t take steps to eradicate fleas from the rest of your home and to prevent more from coming back.  Implementing an integrated in-home pest control plan and a veterinarian approved flea medication of collar is the best way to stop fleas from getting in and infesting your clothes, linen, and home.  

Never wash any pet bedding in the Association washing machines.  

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