October 21, 2019

Unit Owner Responsibilities for Repairs

Dear Owners,

We at Sunwood Condominium want to inform all unit owners of their responsibilities for maintenance, aside from the Association. Below is a list of items that each owner must maintain in good condition and repair if needed. 

Unit Owner Responsibilities for Repairs:

·         The Windows and Screens of their individual unit.
·         The Doors and Locks of their individual unit.
·         The Interior Walls of their individual unit.
·         The Ceilings of their individual unit.
·         The Floors of their individual unit.
·         The Patio Fences of their individual unit.
·         The Trellises of their individual unit.
·         The Fixtures and Equipment within the unit.

*The Association is only responsible for Maintenance & Repairs of the Common Areas and Common Property including exterior walls, roofs, and common grounds. 

October 2, 2019

Cigarette Butts

Dear Owners/Residents,

We at Sunwood Condominiums, in an effort to keep our grounds safe and clean, ask that those who wish to smoke keep our floors clean by disposing of their UNLIT cigarette butts inside the proper trash receptacles and not in our walkways and/or landscaped areas.
Proper disposal includes discarding the unlit butts into your own garbage and not in common areas where they can disturb other residents, as well as damage our lawns and walkways.
ü  Cigarettes that are left lit and dumped on the grounds are a fire hazard and will result in a violation.
ü  Cigarettes that are left on the ground are unsightly and deter guests, as well as lower property values.
We rely on our residents to help us keep our home a safe and clean place to live.   

Sunwood Condominium

This blog serves the residents of Sunwood Condominium Association of Miami, located on 4600 SW 67th Ave in Miami, Florida.

Property Management

This association is managed by Brickell Property Management. You can contact Scott Galya by Phone @ (305) 251-0777 or in writing @ 14373 SW 142nd Street, Miami, Florida 33186-6727. Click Here to visit their web page.

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