June 26, 2024

Special Assessment Meeting July 10th 7 P.M.


Dear Owners:

Notice is hereby given pursuant to the Association By-Laws and Florida Statute 718 that

the Board of Directors will convene a special meeting of the Board of Directors of

Sunwood Condominium Association of Miami, Inc. on July 10, 2024 at 7:00 p.m. at the

Sunwood Condo Breezeway located by the mailboxes.

The purpose of the meeting is to consider the passage of a special assessment for the following:

Lightning strike damage call boxes 2023 reimburse operating account

Lightning strike damage fire alarm 2023 reimburse operating account

West gate upgrades, new motor, track and repairs reimburse operating account

East gate upgrades, new motor, track and repairs

West gate resident reader reimburse operating account

West gate resident circuit memory chip reimburse operating account

Special Assessment 2023 Tenting Funds Remaining To Allocate To This SA

Contingency East gate repairs

The cost of the above mentioned is $46,148.00 which includes a credit for the special assessment

2023 tenting funds remaining. Therefore, the total special assessment as of the date of this letter

will be $46,148.00

If the Board adopts the special assessment, each unit shall be assessed the sum as reflected in

Exhibit “B”. To be paid either lump sum in one payment or 4 monthly payments commencing

August 1, 2024 and ending November 1, 2024 and will be due on the first of each month. The

Association shall forward each unit owner four (4) coupons. Payments will ONLY be accepted

with payment coupons. No payments will be accepted with Revo or ACH.

May 8, 2024

Pool Closed For Repairs


Dear Residents,

The pool will be closed for several months due to Equipment and Safety upgrades that are now are required by Miami Dade County. Work is required to begin this summer, so we unfortunately cannot wait until the winter months.  The Association has already been in the process of obtaining multiple bids from contractors earlier this year, and the necessary engineering plans in order to submit permits to the county, and hope to have the repairs completed as soon as possible.  We will continue to send important update notifications throughout the process to keep everyone as informed as possible to when the pool will reopen. 

April 16, 2024

Fire Alarm Test Wednesday 8 am-4 pm


Dear Residents,

Wednesday April 17th between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm you may hear the fire alarm sound intermittently as the system is tested. This is only a test. 

April 1, 2024

West Main Entrance & Exit Gates Closed For Repairs

 Dear Residents, 

The West parking lot main entrance and exit gates will be closed for gate track replacement starting tomorrow April 2nd. Please use the resident only entrance gates to enter and exit the West parking lot, the resident only gate is located to the left when entering, and will remain open to allow access to the parking lot while these repairs are being made.   

March 8, 2024

Board Meeting March 14th 7 pm Topic: State Mandated Structural Inspection & Reserve Study

 Dear Owners, 

Florida Administrative Code (FAC) Rule 61B-22.005 mandates that condominium associations must complete a reserve study, and such a report must include a reserve schedule that details the estimated remaining useful life of each structural component, the estimated cost of repair or replacement, and the amount of funds that must be reserved to cover these costs.

     As a result of several structural integrity issues identified throughout the state, including the tragic Surfside Condominium collapse that resulted in 98 deaths in 2021, the Florida legislature passed Senate Bill 4-D requiring condominium/cooperative association structural integrity reserve studies (SIRS) into law on May 26, 2022. A SIRS is an evaluation of the current condition and future maintenance needs of certain building structures in Florida. This type of study is typically conducted by licensed engineers or architects and is commonly used for condominiums, apartments, and other multi-unit residential and commercial buildings.

     The purpose of a SIRS is to identify potential or existing structural problems that could lead to significant maintenance or repair costs in the future. This inspection includes assessing the condition of the building’s foundation, roof, exterior walls, balconies, and other structural components. Additionally, there are considerations for the useful life of these components for funding reserves.

     There are two independent inspections required in this process: the milestone inspection and the independent reserve study. The milestone inspection must be performed by a licensed architect or engineer and include an independent review of the property and a physical, non-invasive inspection. These inspections typically include a percentage of the units and common areas to identify certain deferred maintenance items or larger concerns in the structural integrity of the building(s). The results of this inspection may identify certain areas of deferred maintenance, or for those properties that may have significant signs of deterioration, a Phase II inspection may be recommended. Phase II would be a more comprehensive inspection of the components of a building or units. 

     The second component to the SIRS process is a comprehensive reserve study. This study in most cases should be performed by an engineer, architect, or a registered reserve specialist. The study would include all the components required under the SIRS guidelines and a financial analysis of each component, including age, useful life, replacement costs, and mitigating factors for the determining the timeframe for these replacements. This analysis would also provide a basis for funding the reserves, which must be fully funded. 

     The following are requirements of this new law:

  1. SIRS must be commissioned by December 31, 2024.
  2. SIRS must be performed by a licensed engineer or architect.
  3. SIRS must be commissioned for all buildings 30 years of age or older with three stories or more.
  4. Any three-story or higher buildings within three miles of the coastline must have a SIRS completed for any buildings 25 years of age or older.
  5. All buildings subject to SIRS should have registered with the DBPR by January 1, 2023.

     Failure to obtain a SIRS is a breach of the officers’ and directors’ fiduciary responsibility to the owners. SIRS also requires the developer to have a SIRS completed for each three-story or higher association building prior to turning over control to the unit owners. Associations cannot borrow against SIRS reserves for any other purposes.

     Associations will no longer be permitted to waive, reduce, or use the reserves for another purpose for those items required in the SIRS, even if a majority of the owners want to vote to do so. 

     All associations must create and maintain a separate SIRS reserve budget in addition to their regular reserve fund. Items on the SIRS reserve budget must include the following: roofs, plumbing, electrical systems, load-bearing walls or other primary structural members, floors, foundations, fireproofing & fire protection systems, waterproofing, exterior painting, windows, and any other item(s) for which the replacement or repair costs exceed $10,000, and the failure to replace or maintain the item(s) will negatively affect the other SIRS reserve budget items as determined by a Florida licensed engineer or architect. 

     The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) and local enforcement agencies have the power to enforce compliance regarding the completion of the SIRS inspection reports, studies, and SIRS reserve funding. Counties may also require that a condominium or cooperative association schedule or commence repairs for structural deficiencies within a specific timeframe. If an association fails to submit proof that repairs are underway to the enforcement agencies, the agencies must review and determine if the building is unsafe for human occupancy. Indeed, over the last several months agencies have ordered the evacuation of several buildings throughout the state due to dangerous structural conditions. 

     The Florida legislature is still reviewing additional SIRS requirements and clarifications; however, nothing has been passed to date*. 

     In summary, a structural integrity reserve study is an important tool for building owners and condominium associations to manage their property and ensure the long-term structural integrity of their buildings in Florida. It provides valuable information that can help them plan for future maintenance and repairs and allocate funds accordingly. Additionally, it provides unit owners with a peace of mind regarding the integrity of their building structure and protects their ongoing investment.

 The Board of Directors will be meeting March14th at 7 pm to discuss the topic, also representatives from Allied Building Inspections will be there as a courtesy to explain the inspection and reserve study and answer any questions.

February 22, 2024

Hallway Cleaning Next Week Wednesday 28th & Thursday 29th


Dear Owner/Resident(s), 

We are writing to inform you that the Association will begin a new annual cleaning project that includes all hallway walls, floors and ceilings, front doors, hallway windows, railings, common walkways, and the East laundry room roof.  The cleaning company has advised us that ring door bells will not be affected they are waterproof.  However, bring in any door decorations/wreaths and make sure that your windows are closed. 

The project will start 9 a.m. and go on until 5 p.m. on Wednesday, February 28th and completed on Thursday, February 29th.  

We thank everyone in advance for your cooperation with our efforts to make Sunwood an even nicer place to live. 

February 6, 2024

Gate System Update


Dear Owners & Residents,

The Association is currently working with contractors on comprehensive gate system repairs & equipment replacement.  As the gates have aged their components have become worn and less reliable, requiring continuous repairs.  We are planning a gate system overhaul to increase reliability. Please be patient as we explore our options and obtain opinions from contractors and industry professionals. 

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